CSS & SGA: The Ball Stops Here!


2017 Camp Dates, Rates, and Registration Will Be available soon!

Connecticut Soccer School

Connecticut Soccer School's comprehensive soccer education initiatives are part of a systematic, professional approach for developing players and coaches at all levels. Our programs are designed to keep competition safe and enjoyable. We promote the development of all three learning domains. As a result of our program, students will increase technical skills, tactical knowledge, and fair play. All are essential ingredients that develop soccer players into well rounded individuals.


Star Goalkeeper Academy

Session by session, step by step you will learn the Star Goalkeeper Academy principles of professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication. These are adjectives that fit SGA like a glove. It’s no wonder why SGA is at the forefront of goalkeeper development. We accomplish this by honoring the past and present, which builds a bridge to the future.

Under the guidance of founder and International goal coach Dan Gaspar, SGA offers camps for keepers at all levels.


experienced staff

SGA is the home to the best, most qualified instructors. Their commitment to service and desire to share their knowledge provides an unforgettable experience for all students. The SGA staff is enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable, inspirational and professional. Let our SGA experts assist you in achieving your goalkeeping dreams.